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AMC Natural Drinks is a European leader in the research, development, production and sale of chilled fruit juices, smoothies and other natural, bioactive drinks that are innovative, functional, and of excellent quality.

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Refreshing and healthy drinks

Vegetable smoothies

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Functional bioactive shots

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Vegetable drinks

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AMC Natural Drinks: Full vertical integration.





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AMC Natural Drinks designs, develops, produces and markets natural, innovative drinks that provide clients and consumers with added value and differentiation.

Strategically located companies.

Main retailers in Europe and Asia.

Active products in over 50 countries.

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AMC Natural Drinks

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AMC Natural Drinks is a European leader in the research, development, production and sale of chilled fruit juices, smoothies and other natural, bioactive drinks that are innovative, functional, and of excellent quality..

Research, design and development of new fruit drinks

AMC Innova, the AMC Natural Drinks Scientific Unit, focuses on analyzing consumer needs to develop new innovative, healthy and nutritious drinks internationally.

AMC Natural Drinks

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Rooted in nature and the benefits afforded by the most nutritious foods, we offer consumers high-quality drinks that form part of a healthy lifestyle.

AMC Natural Drinks Murcia Spain | AMC INNOVA Innovation in Natural Bioactive Beverages, Innovation in Trendy Innovative Drinks and Healthy Natural Juices, AMC Innova creates Trendy Innovative Drinks and Healthy Bioactive Beverages from organic sustainable cultivation (efficient beverage factory) | AMC Group grows in Europe with AMC VLISSINGEN Filling and Bottling Juices Factory in Vlissingen Netherland (Fruit Squeezing Plant and Bottling), AMC Vlissingen is a Fruit Squeezing Plant and Bottling of organic Healthy Natural Juices and Natural Bioactive Beverages | AMC Group creates jobs in his Factory of Trendy Innovative Drinks and Natural Organic Juices and Healthy Innovative Drinks in the UK, AMC Natural Drinks Lean beverage factory and sustainable natural drinks Sustainable Natural Beverages and Sustainable Natural Juices and Smoothies AMC Group in the United Kingdom creates 100 jobs at new fruit squeezing Juice factory, Filling and bottling factory | Sustainability and Efficient Beverage Factory, innovative sustainable drinks | UK freshly-squeezed market and AMC Group Natural Juices and Smoothies Manufacturer and Healthy Natural Beverages Supplier | Beauty & Go is a Trendy Innovative Drinks and Natural Juices brand create by AMC Group is a Healthy Bioactive Juices and Beverages manufacturer and Supplier from Murcia | AMC is a Organic Natural Juices and Smoothies Manufacturer and supplier also Gazpacho Manufacturer and Orange Juices Supplier in Murcia S | About FreshJ a range of high quality Juices brand from AMC Group Manufacturer and supplier | About AMC Group holding, not only trendy innovative Drinks supplier and Healthy Natural Juices, Trendy Innovative Beverages Gazpacho and Smoothies manufacturer from Murcia Spain, trendy Innovative Beverages Drinks and Natural Juices and Innovative Healthy Bioactive Beverages manufacturing, Antonio Muñoz National Innovation Award in Spain, Antonio Muñoz is the CEO of AMC Group AMC Natural Drinks, The Innovative Company AMC Natural Drinks is the first Manufacturer and Supplier in Spain dedicated to Manufacturing Trendy Natural Drinks and Beverages, Trendy Sustainable Beverages and Healthy Innovative Drinks and Healthy Natural Juices and Smoothies, Healthy Sustainable Organic Drinks and Healthy Bioactive Sustainable Drinks Beverages AMC Natural Drinks in Spain and Europe is also Natural Healthy Juices and Innovative Sustainable Smoothies Manufacturer and Supplier also is | AMC Natural Drinks is a european a company leader in Innovation and Sustainability in 2019 wins the award for Best Corporate Sustainability Strategy, At AMC ND is pioneers in eco-design packaging and international leaders in sustainability and circular economy in innovative natural beverages and innovative juices smoothies | Juice Filling and Bottling Factory and Private Label Beverages and Gazpacho supplier and natural Gazpacho and trendy Innovative Drinks Smoothies



We are always striving to improve the five fundamental pillars of our philosophy: innovation, sustainability, health, efficiency and talent.


We are committed to the protection and preservation of natural resources. We make every effort to fulfil this commitment in every step of our production process.