AMC Natural Drinks holding

AMC Natural Drinks

AMC Natural Drinks is a subsidiary of the AMC Group, Spain’s third-largest international exporter in the food and beverage sector, with consolidated sales of EUR 1.305 M € en 2019 and a highly qualified workforce comprising over 3,000 employees.

Founded in 1931, AMC Group is a family-owned business now in its third generation, consisting of over 70 companies. Its current CEOs are Antonio Muñoz Beraza and Álvaro Muñoz Beraza.

Pursuing a strategy of vertical integration has enabled AMC to maintain complete control all the way from the field to the end consumer, opening the door to the development of high-quality, sustainable, authentic, and healthy products for a wide variety of consumers and markets.

Internacional profile

AMC Natural Drinks, consisting of 20 companies strategically positioned in several different countries, is a European leader in the research, production, and sale of chilled fruit juices, smoothies and other natural, bioactive drinks that are innovative, functional, and of excellent quality.