Our philosophy


Our mission as a company is to produce healthy, delicious, and innovative natural drinks that will satisfy the sophisticated modern consumer, employing a sustainable growth plan for AMC and for our clients. Keeping this purpose forever in mind, we design, develop, produce, and market a range of innovative drinks that meet the most strict global quality and sustainability standards.

Our Strengths

Professional, dedicated and consumer-centric team

Full vertical integration

Long-term partners

Strategic locations


We are guided by our vision of becoming a leading company in the sustainable design, development, and marketing of innovative, healthy, delicious, and natural drinks. In our products, we seek to offer consumers an added-value solution that will help them enjoy a healthier and more appetising diet, in a way that suits different modern consumer lifestyles and requirements across five continents.

Ethical code

At AMC Natural Drinks we have the strong commitment of encouraging and strengthening the ethical culture which exists within the Group, as well as guiding all people which belong to the Group to have an exemplary behaviour based on our values and principles.


A professional, highly qualified, and motivated team that shares our values and our mission.
Understanding the needs of our clients and consumers.
Continually striving to improve sustainability and efficiency at all levels of our organisation.
Ongoing innovation throughout the entire value chain.
Developing natural products that taste great and are healthy.
Working long-term with suppliers and established partners who are unbeatable as regards quality, experience, and technology.
Employing our own leading-edge technologies that enable us to pursue our mission and develop high-quality products that stand out from the rest.