AMC Innova

AMC Innova, the scientific and technical division of AMC Juices, is wholly dedicated to R&D. Over 150 researchers and technologists put their deep understanding of trends and consumers into practice, perform key research, and work on developing and launching new products.

AMC Innova has a number of ongoing research projects engaged in first-rate national and European programmes; possesses global patents in new natural and functional ingredients; has created new sustainable processes for extracting bioactive ingredients from food; and keeps a close eye on new products in international markets.

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National Innovation Award to Antonio Muñoz Beraza, CEO of AMC Natural Drinks and AMC Group. Awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and delivered by his Majesty King Felipe VI. Madrid February 2018.

AMC International awards on Quality, Sustainability and Innovation

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AMC Natural Drinks continues to invest strongly in its scientific division AMC Innova ‒ which focuses on innovation, research, and development ‒ viewing it as a fundamental pillar of growth for the company.