In today’s society, there is growing interest in where our products come from, in their quality and their integrity.

We are proactive in adopting responsible measures to minimise the impact that our activities may have on the planet and on the societies in which we operate, and we are keenly aware that for a business to be successful in the long term, it must also respect the environment, the people that live within it, the local community, and the supply chain.

For these reasons, we engage directly with various interest groups in the juice sector, via the platform Juice CSR. We share knowledge and good practices, and we work on activities and projects designed to improve sustainability in the sector’s supply chains, observing the tenets embedded in the UN Global Compact’s Food and Agriculture Business Principles (FABs).

Lean manufacturing

Expand our system of continuous improvement as a base upon which to achieve in full the objectives that we have laid out, profitably and constructively, assimilating and integrating these within the culture and structure of AMC.
Improve productivity, quality, and delivery times by optimising processes and ensuring that all employees are involved in efforts to eliminate waste on an ongoing and sustainable basis.
By maintaining and developing: QCDP performance indicators (Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People), involving the people that make up the team, performance improvement tools, communication tools, and targeted quality improvement teams.


AMC is wholeheartedly committed to respecting and improving the environment in which we work. Since our earliest days, we have incorporated the philosophy of the circular economy in our activities, coming up with innovations to help us squeeze the most out of our fruits and vegetables, both literally and figuratively, and to prevent any food from going to waste. We continue to work proactively to reduce waste and to achieve zero-waste operations; we also seek to develop ever more sustainable packaging and to improve our energy efficiency and water efficiency, preferring to use renewable sources and increasingly environmentally-friendly technologies.


AMC is one of the foremost employers, with links to different international universities, institutes, and study centres. We believe in giving local students their first break in a job related to their studies, offering training programmes and career schemes for talented young up-and-comers who wish to join our project in growth and innovation.

It is a privilege for our company to invest in employment, as helping students grow both professionally and personally is of paramount importance to us.

Sustainable supply

AMC leads the way in its development of an innovation strategy geared towards achieving sustainable products. We adhere to a policy of continuous improvement and commitment to our suppliers coupled with the implementation of a sustainable and effective management system and full transparency throughout our supply chain, plus the integration of logistical and procurement operations within a clear regulatory framework in the sector.