Business operations

Value chain

AMC Natural Drinks: Full vertical integration.





Fruit Sourcing

AMC Group owns over 3,000 hectares of land for its plantations, spanning various continents. We always opt for the climate and location that offers the best conditions for growing and harvesting our exclusive varieties, developed and patented by AM Fresh. Qualified agricultural engineers work in conjunction with the 3,000 or so farmers and producers who make up our value chain, providing them with the necessary technical assistance and advice throughout the production process.

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Fruit Squeezing

We carefully select the provenance and varieties of the fruits and vegetables we use, and squeeze them close to where they are grown, in our own squeezing plants.

AMC Natural Drinks & Fruit Tech Natural are independently accredited with a number of international certifications in quality, authenticity, and food safety.

AMC Natural Drinks owns two fruit-squeezing plants situated in Spain for Mediterranean-climate fruits (FTN 1.0 and FTN 2.0), and has invested in other strategically-located plants in other climates, all of which employ exclusive latest-generation food technologies.

In order to guarantee the highest level of quality and sustainability throughout the value chain, AMC Natural Drinks works with only the best global partners, carefully hand-picked after a lengthy and rigorous process of industrial testing, sensory analysis, and technical and ethical audits.

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Juice Bottling

We want our end consumers to enjoy the finest quality in products that meet all safety standards. We want all our juices and fruit and vegetable drinks to maintain their nutritional properties and remain deliciously fresh. This is precisely why AMC Natural Drinks designs and develops latest-generation bottling plants.

Our plants are audited and certified on an ongoing basis, both by our clients and by independent international bodies. We are proud to deliver the highest European standards when it comes to flexibility, quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Commercial offices

AMC Natural Drinks has a network of commercial offices spanning the globe, each strategically located to serve clients in different markets.

Ctra. Madrid-Cartagena, km 390 30100 Espinardo-Murcia, Spain.

(+34) 968 278 200

5 New Street Square, London, United Kingdom, EC4A 3TW

Trading address: Northminster House, Peterborough, United Kingdom, PE1 1YN

+44 (0) 7435 013080

Saint Charles International
BP6059, 6030 Perpignan cedex

+33 4 68 55 35 35

AMC Deutschland GmbH Cecilienallee 6-7 40474 Düsseldorf

+ 49 (0) 2154 / 954 06 50

+ 49 (0) 2154 / 954 06 52

Denemarkenweg 4 4389 PE, Ritthem Netherlands

Tel. +(31) 20 21 70 616


AMC Innova is the holding’s scientific and technical division, and is formed of over 150 scientists and experts in food safety, technology, consumer insights and innovation. Its purpose is to analyse, anticipate, and predict intrinsic consumer needs using the most advanced technologies in order to develop new innovative, healthy, and nutritious drinks internationally.

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