It is the most iconic cold soup in Spain and in the world, and there are few corners of the world where palates remain to discover the wonders of one of the great gastronomy stars in summer. Fresh, delicious and healthy, gazpacho has become a top international culinary product, it has done so without forgetting its origins, which at AMC Natural Drinks we have been respecting for three decades based on a one hundred percent natural raw material and a unique production process that takes care of every little detail.

Tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, Sherry vinegar and a pinch of salt. At AMC Natural Drinks we work with the traditional recipe, numerous ad-hoc recipes that are adapted to different customers from all over the world, always respecting the natural ingredients and following a traditional production process, which have made the gazpacho cross borders through AMC Natural Drinks, currently exporting to France, England, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Canada, the United States or Japan, among others, Spain still as its leader in consumption.

At AMC Natural Drinks we are an international leader in the production of gazpacho, we collect, grind and bottle thousands of kilos of whole vegetables that are grown locally to bring consumers around the world this delicious dish in a comfortable way on a daily basis. There are numerous recipes that vary the amount of each vegetable, the dressing, add fruit, some are unpasteurized, family formats, individual packages or even with a lower amount of garlic for northern Europe. They can all be found on the market so each consumer can find their favorite gazpacho, always natural, fresh and healthy.

-100% natural: only high-quality fresh ingredients for a unique flavor

-Produced with the highest safety and quality standards, in a few hours from the field to the bottle.

-A delicious and convenient way to increase your vegetable intake for a healthy diet

-Source of fiber and antioxidants

-Mediterranean diet throughout the year

The expertise of AMC Natural Drink in gazpacho, in the international press.

Although it reaches supermarkets and homes in foreign countries, it has also attracted the attention of the international press, which highlights the health benefits of this meal, the method of preparation, the recipes that are used in AMC Natural Drinks and how it is that consumers can enjoy this meal throughout the whole year.

Some examples of such separate publications around the globe are: “The Asian Japan Today”, the argentine “Crónica” and “Infobae”, the philippine “Inquirer”, or the American “International Business Times”, which also has Australian, Indian, British and Singaporean editions.

It is obvious that world references such as “Yahoo!” o “MSN” (global Internet media companies) and Dailymotion, a website where you can upload, watch and share videos, have also been platforms from which to spread the benefits of the gazpacho that we make at AMC Natural Drinks.